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Design thinking in Emergency Management

Professionalization and standardization define the emergency management industry. Design thinking can add creativity and innovation into the mix.
Adam Tager
3 min read

Book report: What we’re reading, Summer 2018

Books and reading are important to us at HWC, and we’re always swapping recommendations with each other. Here’s what made the list for Summer...
Jon Darby
2 min read

Workplace wellness: how can we include everyone?

I always wondered if a single health and wellness initiative could be accessible to all employees. Then HWC launched the Aqua April Challenge.
Bryan Weissbach
2 min read

Good government can change the world: How we bring…

We all want to feel valued and do something rewarding. It gives us purpose and builds meaning in our work. Why we work impacts...
Claudine Hughes
1 min read

Design Eye for the Non-Artistic Guy (and everyone else)

It may seem like design skills are something that you’re either gifted with or you’re not. But like any skill, you can grow and...
Christina Wagner
2 min read

Beyond the buzzwords: bringing creativity and innovation to work

“Creative” and “innovative” are more than just hot buzzwords; they’re traits that some successful companies consider part of their DNA.
1 min read