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The Art of Giving Good Design Feedback

Follow these tips to give a designer meaningful feedback that will improve the final product without hurting anyone's feelings.
Christina Wagner
1 min read

Our leadership is positively different

HWC has a new leadership structure with Wayne Willis as Executive Chairman and Kira Brooks as CEO. But some things haven't changed.
Jon Darby
6 min read

Telling our story together

A look back at our top five posts of 2018. Thank you for reading!
Jon Darby
1 min read

What giving back means to us

At HWC, giving back is at the core of who we are. Read our reflection on #GivingTuesday and what really matters.
Jon Darby
3 min read

Why we value continuous learning

The rise of the digital age has lowered the barrier of entry for learning. Anyone can do anything if they have the motivation.
Wendy Henninger
1 min read

Those election statistics are lying to you (maybe)

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, voters are being inundated with a flurry of political statistics. How can we determine which to believe?
Roberto Carozza
2 min read