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Why we value continuous learning

The rise of the digital age has lowered the barrier of entry for learning. Anyone can do anything if they have the motivation.
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1 min read

Those election statistics are lying to you (maybe)

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, voters are being inundated with a flurry of political statistics. How can we determine which to believe?
Roberto Carozza Roberto Carozza
2 min read

Do your goals motivate you?

Maximize your potential, increase your performance, and make the goal.
Claudine Hughes Claudine Hughes
1 min read

Book report: What we’re reading, Fall 2018

Books and reading are important to us at HWC, and we’re always swapping book recommendations with each other. Here’s what we’re reading.
Jon Darby Jon Darby
2 min read

So, can an emoji save lives, in like…30 seconds?

The journey to effective communication is a lot like the path to solving a riddle. The answers we seek are often hidden in plain...
Amber McIntyre Amber McIntyre
1 min read

Pursuing good design for the government

When most people think about design, they think about the kind of work that elevates a sleek ad campaign. Good design in government is...
Christina Wagner Christina Wagner
2 min read