Claudine Hughes

Claudine specializes in organizational strategy and development for federal organizations. She leads HWC’s performance advising initiative, collaborating with staff across the company to support play, purpose, and potential for everyone. Claudine loves working to support people and culture, two things she prizes about life at HWC.


3 Posts by Claudine Hughes

Do your goals motivate you?

Maximize your potential, increase your performance, and make the goal.
1 min read

Good government can change the world: How we bring purpose to our work

We all want to feel valued and do something rewarding. It gives us purpose and builds meaning in our work. Why we work impacts...
1 min read

It’s not (all) about foosball: How we bring “play” to our work

At HWC, we frequently use the word play when describing our workplace culture and performance. Yet, what do we mean by play in this...
1 min read