Christina Wagner

Christina Wagner is a multimedia designer and proud dog mom. She holds a Master of Arts in Creative Enterprise with a concentration in communication design from the University of Reading and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is interested in the value that a design focus brings to organizations.


3 Posts by Christina Wagner

The Art of Giving Good Design Feedback

Follow these tips to give a designer meaningful feedback that will improve the final product without hurting anyone's feelings.
1 min read

Pursuing good design for the government

When most people think about design, they think about the kind of work that elevates a sleek ad campaign. Good design in government is...
2 min read

Design Eye for the Non-Artistic Guy (and everyone else)

It may seem like design skills are something that you’re either gifted with or you’re not. But like any skill, you can grow and...
2 min read