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Cyber resilience: what it is and why it matters

The future is now. Cyber resilience is having a moment. It’s breathtaking to think about just how quickly and thoroughly we’ve become reliant on...
Scott Rutler Scott Rutler
5 min read

Keeping the F.A.I.T.H. When “You’re It!”

How do faith-based organizations help communities become more resilient to disasters? There’s an ongoing conversation among emergency managers, first responders, and government officials about...
Marcus Coleman Marcus Coleman
3 min read

Anyone Can Code!

As a critically acclaimed fictional chef once stated, “Anyone can cook!” Chef Gusteau’s words….not mine. I’d like to take that statement one step further and propose that...
Erin Kim Erin Kim
2 min read

Want to think visually, remember content more effectively, and…

Sketchnoting is a notetaking practice that combines words and simple pictures. It’s a great way to practice visual thinking, help you remember content covered...
Destiny Aman Destiny Aman
2 min read

The Science of Fonts

Even though we encounter them every day, most of us don’t think much about fonts. Here are some tips on choosing the right one...
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1 min read

The Art of Giving Good Design Feedback

Follow these tips to give a designer meaningful feedback that will improve the final product without hurting anyone's feelings.
Christina Wagner Christina Wagner
1 min read